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What you will be seeing next are pictures of HIGH-QUALITY Mauri Shoes made in Italy.

More THAN just footwear – they are a work of art.

HANDCRAFTED with utmost care to give them the PERFECT finishing touch.

These shoes are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable – even if you wear them for a long time or use them HEAVILY.

Made From Quality AND High-Grade Leather Material…

They are durable and their fit is on point and perfect.

And they always give you that ELEGANT look, as you will see below:

A Mauri shoe crafted from various animal skins showcases the rich diversity of New Zealand’s natural resources and traditional craftsmanship. Each shoe is a testament to the unique qualities of different animal leathers, such as ostrich, alligator, or snake. Ostrich leather, known for its softness and distinctive texture, adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the footwear. Alligator leather, with its rugged yet refined appearance, provides durability and a sense of exoticism. Snake leather, prized for its sleek and glossy surface, lends a sense of edgy sophistication to the shoe. Combining these diverse materials with Māori design elements results in footwear that not only embodies style but also celebrates the cultural heritage of New Zealand and Saudi Arabi.

Very Fitting For ALL Kinds Of Trad & Corporate Wear:

– For occasions;

– For meetings;

– For church services and mosque;

– For outings; and

– Many more!

These SHOES are available in the following sizes:

40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46.

So, if you’re looking for stylish shoes that will LAST a very long time even with heavy use…

The kind of shoes that will go PERFECTLY with your trad & casual wear…

Then these shoes excellently check all the boxes and at a GOOD price.

Normally, each pair would sell for ₦380,000… 

And given the quality and value you will be getting…

This is a reasonable price.

In fact, any other boutique or store would sell this for ₦350,000.

But you’ll NOT pay that much. NOT TODAY!

So if you love these shoes enough and you want to own a pair today…

Place your order NOW to get these shoes at ₦30,000 discount for a pair.

This means…

You’ll only PAY…

₦350,000 ₦320,000

But that’s not all…

For every pair of these shoes you order, you get a polish as a GIFT.

And your shoes will be delivered to you, anywhere in the country for FREE!


₦350,000 ₦320,000

At this price…

The demand for these shoes has increased and the stock is getting limited.

And because of constant increase in dollar rate, the prices would have increased by more than 50% when we restock.

So, to grab this OFFER…

You’ll need to place your order QUICKLY.

PRICE = ₦350,000 ₦320,000

Now Here’s Our GUARANTEE That When You Place Your ORDER, You Have Nothing To Lose.


We know you’ll love this item.

And that’s why…

When our delivery company brings your order…

I want you to check the shoes and take your time to inspect them. 

And if the shoes meet your expectation, pay for them.

Otherwise, DON’T pay!

So you have nothing to lose…


You only pay for the shoes when you love them.

And if you don’t, you keep your money!

Sounds fair enough?

₦350,000 ₦320,000


There’s an Order Form below.

This form is where you put in your details: Your Name, Phone Number, Email, Address, Size, Quantity you are ordering and any other information you want us to know.

After filling in YOUR details in the form, click on the “CLICK TO ORDER NOW” button you will see below the form.

Once you have done this, you will immediately be taken to a new page telling you that your order was SUCCESSFUL and what next to expect.

After this, you will get EITHER a Call, WhatsApp Message (if you gave us your WhatsApp Line) or a Normal SMS Message from us.

This is for us to confirm your order.

After confirming your order… 

For Lagos Order: You will get your order within 24 – 72 HOURS if you are in Lagos (same-day delivery is available for orders placed on or before 12 NOON of that said day).

Outside Lagos: Orders going to other states take 3 – 7 working days to be delivered.

NOTE: Only fill the form if you are ready to buy now and available to receive your item. We spend a lot of money on ads and logistics and incur losses on every customer who fills this form when they are NOT ready to buy.

Now if you’re ready to PLACE YOUR ORDER, fill the form below with the correct details:

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